Guest Guidelines

Boarding Guest Guidelines

For the well being and comfort of all of our guests, we have the following requirements:River Valley Groom and Board Wall Art



Dogs- Current Distemper combination (DA2PP), Rabies and Kennel cough (Bordetella) 

Cats- Current Distemper Combination (FVRCP) and Rabies


Flea and Tick Control

All dogs and cats must be on a year-round monthly flea and tick product such as Frontline, Revolution or Vectra or at a minimum applied within the last 2 weeks. All guests are expected to be free of any evidence of external parasites or RVVS will immediately apply appropriate treatment at the client’s expense.


Internal Parasite Control

Annual Intestinal Parasite Screens (negative fecal floatation tests) are required for all canine and feline guests. Monthly parasite preventative treats such as Heartgard, Sentinel, and Iverhart, are required for all of our canine guests.


Spay and Neuterpets playing

Dogs and cats staying at River Valley Groom and Board that are 8 months of age or over must be spayed or neutered.



For the safety of all guests and team members at River Valley Groom and Board, we cannot accept dogs or cats with significant aggressive or anxious tendencies



So that we may best care for your pet, we offer 2 forms of orientation to our facility, Virtual and ON-SITE. Our feline guests all qualify for “Virtual orientation” where we gather information about you and your cat ON-LINE while we share information about Feline specific services at River Valley Groom and Board. All of our Canine guests must complete a FREE ON-SITE orientation prior to being guests. During this FREE service, we would work with you to fill out appropriate forms. Then you leave your dog with us for at least 2 hours while we learn more about their preferences so we can make specific recommendations about the boarding package that best suits your dog. We will provide a courtesy nail trim. Valuable Coupons and a “Preferred Pet Passport” are our gifts for all qualified guests.