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  • Christina Dosch

    Christina Dosch

    RVGB Staff - Boarding Manager

    Hi!  My name is Christina! I joined River Valley Veterinary Service in July of 2011 as a Client Services Representative. When River Valley Groom and Board opened in fall of 2012 I also became a Boarding Coordinator. I love having dual roles and being able to assist pets and their people in a variety of ways. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Madison (Go Badgers!) with a B.S. in Art in 2008.  I have a cat named Mika and a dog named Fiona. In my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, riding my motorcycle, traveling, and spending time outdoors.

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  • Jenna Rogers

    Jenna Rogers

    RVGB Staff - Boarding Coordinator

    Hi! My name is Jenna Rogers. I just recently graduated from Prior Lake High school. I started working at River Valley through the mentor program at my high school. I really enjoy working at River Valley Groom & Board! I love interacting with all of the animals that stay with us. I am currently enrolled at Argosy University and am studying to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. At home I have a dog named Bria and two cats named Felix and Nikki. My goal is to get a puppy of my own! When I am not working I love to be around my friends and family. Some of my favorite activities would be bowling, movies, and swimming on the lake!

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  • Katelin  Johnston

    Katelin Johnston

    Groomers - Groomer

    Hi, my name is Katelin!

    I joined the River Valley Groom & Board team in August 2016 as one of their Professional Groomers. Prior to becoming a dog groomer, I attended Argosy University and received my associate degree in Veterinary Technology.  After, being in the field for over five years I wanted to expand my passion with working with animals, so I attended Rio Gran Grooming School and received my Certification as a Professional Groomer.

    Being able to work as a Professional Groomer in a veterinary clinic was the perfect fit for me! Ever since I can remember I knew working in the animal field was where I wanted to be. Having the education and experience, I can now use both of my degrees to their advantage in caring for animals.

    I currently live in Shakopee with my boyfriend and our two fur babies Remi (Pitbull) and Kimber (Staffordshire).  In my free time I enjoy being out on the lake, fishing, hunting, and playing in a co-ed softball team.

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  • Lisa Wuensch

    Lisa Wuensch

    RVGB Staff - Pet Care Provider

    Hello! My name is Lisa, I joined the staff at River Valley Groom & Board in 2015 as a Pet Care Provider. I live in Jordan, Minnesota and have two adult children, one granchild and four 4-legged children.  My dogs are Diesel, a Cattle Dog and Buster a Dachshund.  My felines are Boo and October. I previously worked with a much larger species of four legged friends on a dairy farm.  In my spare time I love gardening, going for walks with my dogs and spending time with family.

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  • Danielle Sletten

    Danielle Sletten

    RVGB Staff - Pet Care Provider

    Hi my name is Danielle Sletten, I joined the team at River Valley Groom & Board in January 2016. I enjoy working with all kinds of animals however, horses are my passion! I have two Golden Retriever labs named Bailey & Toby, a cat named T and a Thoroughbred horse named Bud Wiser. When I am not working at RVGB or at the horse stable in Northfield, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I love to travel to different states, go to movies and compete in horse shows.

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  • Miranda Rivera

    Miranda Rivera

    RVGB Staff - Pet Care Provider

    Hi there! My name is Miranda Rivera. I was born and raised in Prior Lake and graduated from Prior Lake High School in 2009. I started working at River Valley Groom & Board in March of 2014 as a Pet Care Provider. Prior to this, I was working as a Dog Groomer and a Pet Care Specialist for 7 years. Caring for animals and being their voice has always been my #1 passion (aside from music!) Even as a young girl, I always knew I was meant to work with animals. In my spare time, I love playing with my 4-legged “daughter” Olivia, a Rottweiler/Doberman mix. I also love singing in my band and working with my band mates for my 2nd job. In the near future, I hope to continue doing music on the side and furthering my career with animals at River Valley Groom & Board and River Valley Veterinary Service. I can’t wait to gain more knowledge on this rewarding and exciting career!

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